I just stumbled upon some cool news: Biblia Patristica is online at BIBLindex!  I blogged previously about how to look up Patristic Biblical Citations, where I noted that Steven Harmon recommends looking at Biblia Patristica first.  (Also, see this post on online patristic resources.)  Besides the published volumes (see below), the website includes information from unpublished Biblia Patristica work and also Center for Patristics Analysis and Documentation (CADP), citations from both are marked in red (as ‘unverified’).  The inclusion of this unpublished information is great. I appears that they are working hand in hand with Source Chrétiennes.

You have to register, but it’s quick and painless. The search function could be a little more user friendly, but once you get used to it, it’s not a big deal.  After selecting your criteria (biblical passage and patristic author/area), you have to hit the plus sign before you go on.  The search results are not that easy to scroll through, but it appears to give you the critical edition (e.g., SC for Irenaeus) along with the passage citation.

Biblia Patristica general info: Seven volumes have been published to date, along with a supplementary volume for biblical references in Philo of Alexandria, who served as an exegetical model for many patristic authors.  The entries do not distinguish between quotations and allusions, and criteria for the latter are rather loose. (Began in 1975, latest volume in 2000.)

  • Volume 1: beginnings of extracanonical Christian literature up to Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian.
  • Volume 2: Third century, apart from Origen.
  • Volume 3: Origen
  • Volume 4: Fourth century, includes Eusebius of Caesarea, Cyril of Jerusalem, and Epiphanius of Salamis.
  • Volume 5: covers Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, Gregory of Nyssa, and Amphilochius of Iconium. 
  • Volume 6: Latin writers, Hilary of Poitiers, Ambrose of Milan, and the Ambrosiaster.
  • Volume 7: Didymus the Blind.