I assume that most of us use BibleWorks or Logos for electronic interaction with biblical texts in their original languages.  However, the German Bible Society (Deutschen Bibelgesellschaft) has all of the major critical editions online, i.e.., NA27, BHS, Rahlfs’ LXX, and the Vulgate.  Having a knowledge of German does help, but for the most part the browsing is intuitive enough for others based on cognates.

The greek is in unicode, so it’s easy to copy and paste into Word, etc. if you are a unicode user.  The Hebrew came across into Word as well, but the cantilation marks had to be removed to make it look ok.  (I haven’t done enough with Hebrew in unicode to know whether the .de version is or not.)

There is a basic search function (after you select the version, click on Suche im Bibeltext), if, I think, you are registered (which is free but requires responding to an email).  I only tried it in Greek, using the unicode Greek keyboard function in Windows.  (It won’t let you search by transliteration.)  It will let you look up inflected forms of words.  It also lets you use wildcard symbols to catch multiple forms, but it would be hard to look up all the uses of a particular word if its form changes significantly.

Even more than the search feature, I was hoping the critical apparatus would be online.  But alas, it doesn’t seem to be.  For instance, I saw nothing at Rom 5.1 with the ἐχομεν/ἐχωμεν readings.

HT: Bible Researcher.com