Macarius, Homily 28, gives this creative and insightful discussion which almost surely comes out of his thoughts on Galatians 5-6.

He begins with a few comparisons like these…Just as a house left empty, overcome by darkness and neglect, is filled with dirt and filth, so a soul which does not have Christ is filled with darkness, passions, and every sort of disgrace.  Just as a field left to itself is overrun with weeds, thorns, thistles, and wild animals, so is the soul without Christ there to tend and cultivate it.  The soul needs Christ to cultivate it so that it will bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. 

When a farmer sets out to till the ground he has to take proper tools and clothing for work in the fields: so when Christ, the heavenly king and true husbandman, came to humanity laid waste by sin, he clothed himself in a body and carried the cross as his implement and cultivated the deserted soul.  He pulled up the thorns and thistles of evil spirits and tore up the weeds of sin.  With fire he burnt up all the harvest of its sins.  When thus he had tilled the ground of the soul with the wooden plough of his cross, he planted in it a lovely garden of the Spirit; a garden which brings forth for God as its master the sweetest and most delightful fruits of every sort.