I’m doing a short series on BibleWorks 8.  Here’s part 1 and part 2.

One of the most important parts about BW is its integration with wordprocessors since most of us are communicating ideas about these texts.  For this post I thought I would, therefore, make a few comments about BW8 with regard to Fonts and MS Word.

Fonts.  For the most part you won’t see much in the way of difference with the way fonts are used, but BW8 continues to focus on making use of Unicode fonts easier, which is good because everything is moving this direction.  In particular, you’ll notice that there are a few more options as far as setting output font options.   (While this doesn’t relate to wordprocessing, I wish BW would include an option to change the font size ‘on the fly’ instead of having to go into settings.)

Word.  I’d say one of the few bugs that continues to bother me about BW is the problem of copying and pasting into Word since this is central to my daily experience.  When I copy and paste any Greek into Word, BW does two bad things: 1) it automatically puts a ‘hard return’ (or carriage return) after the word, and  2) it would override the paragraph formatting (thus getting rid of the first line indent).  I reported this problem with BW7 and they said they would look into it, but nothing was improved.  I again reported the problem with BW8, and it now appears that they have set things to handle the problems but I still have problem 1).  So, it’s now more of an issue of incovenience to just backspace a couple of times in Word to undo the problem.  One positive thing to note with all this is that I’ve always gotten personalised attention from the BW customer support people, and I haven’t had a chance to play with my settings based on their last email.  A more difficult issue is coping-pasting Hebrew into Word because the letters come out in the reverse order.  I think the easiest work around is to copy Hebrew into the BW editor and then copy-paste into Word.  I would say the copy-paste functionality should be a central place that BW needs to spend time to improve its usability.

If you are having the problems 1) and 2) above, I have figured out a short work around that deals with problem 2). a) in Word, click the Office Button (or Alt-F), select ‘Word Options’, select ‘Advanced’.   b) in Cut, Copy, and Paste settings, change the setting for ‘Pasting from other programs’: choose the option ‘Match destination formatting’.