Like everyone else, I suppose I should give my roundup of SBL New Orleans.  But having lost a week of work and only a month left for my target of submitting my thesis, I won’t have time to run through all the details.  But I will say this has been the most enjoyable conference in recent memory. 

I went down early and hung out with two friends who are planting a church in one of the Katrina flooded areas, so they took me around to see how things look.  We poked around in a boarded up elementary school (they’re looking for a building) and it was pretty eerie.  They also scored tickets to a Hornets game, so that was an unexpected but fun night out.

Now that I’m getting close to the end, I’ve started second guessing myself a little, especially since I’m doing a non-standard way of reading Paul–backwards is a common description by some. : ) Anyhow, it was good to go to SBL and hear other theological interpretative stuff and to see that Mike Gorman’s work wasn’t just dismissed when he presented on a similar area.

My paper on 2 Cor 3.18 went well.  I got a couple of questions, but no real push back.  Mike Gorman also dropped my name a few times in his Romans paper since he overlapped with ideas that I had presented last summer at SBL Rome. 

Other than catching up with old seminary friends, I met quite a few new students and scholars this year.  Although I didn’t go into October with many plans to meet people, my meal schedule filled up pretty quickly with various people.  One enjoyable meal was with Tom Wright along with Chad Marshall (who’s doing similar work for NTW at Princeton), Kevin Bush of the NT Wright Page, Archie Wright (one of NTW’s former assistants, and a Durham PhD) and Ron Herms (a Durham PhD).  A few of us also got to grab a meal with Jim (aka James) Harrison from AU.  The capstone was a lunch on Tuesday with Joey & Sadie Dodson and Justin Hardin (college friends), and John Goodrich (current Durham student) and Nijay Gupta (Durham PhD).   

I thought it turned out to be the perfect balance of sessions and socialising.  Now just back to whittling my thesis from 110k to 99k words before Jan 4 or so…  You may not hear much from me between now and then.  So happy christmas.