Thursday, Seminar Room B, 4.15 – 5.45

Jan 28, Thomas L. Humphries Jnr (Emory University), ‘Cassian’s Ascetic Pneumatology’

Feb 4, Francis Watson (Durham University), ‘In the Beginning: Irenaeus, Creation, and the Environment’

Feb 11, Andreas Andreopoulos (Lampeter University), ‘Anatomy of a Miracle: the Feast of the Transfiguration’

Feb 18, Steve Bagby (Durham University), ‘Freedom to Roam(ans): Origen’s Defense of the Will in the Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans’

Feb 25, Jonathan Zecher (Durham University), ‘”State of Angels, Progress of Eternity”: The rhetoric of angelic life in The Ladder of Divine Ascent’
Jeremy Bergstrom (Durham University), ‘Gentiles, Jews, Christians and Sacraments in Augustine’s De doctrina Christiana’

Mar 4, Thomas Graumann (Cambridge University), ‘Acting, ceremonial, liturgy: Neglected
 aspects of Church Councils?’

Mar 11, Lewis Ayres (Durham University), ‘The Grammarian and the Rise of Christian Exegesis’

Mar 18, Zurab Jashi (Durham University), TBA