February 2010

I just got an email about this. The biblical studies work is a great opportunity–I’ve interacted with George van Kooten on a number of occasions, and he’s an excellent scholar and a nice guy. I would imagine this would be open to English speakers since George, along with many other Dutch people, speaks English. He did his MA here at Durham with Jimmy Dunn.

Your attention is drawn to two PhD positions at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

One position is concerned with the Jewish Revolt against Rome The other position may be filled with biblical studies (Jewish Scripture, Ancient Judaism, New Testament, Early Christianity) For further information, see http://www.rug.nl/corporate/vacatures/jobOpportunitiesRUG :

PhD position Theology and Religious Studies; enquiries: g.h.van.kooten@rug.nl

PhD position The Jewish Revolt against Rome; enquiries: m.popovic@rug.nl

Deadline for submission: March 1st, 2010


With nothing else substantive to post, I thought I’d let the world see pics of my new office.

1) My office is on the top floor–it’s the window straight up from the white sign by the road.

2) Here are the views out my window. I’ve had worse.

So most of my days (recently at least) consist of reading Wright’s stuff and looking out the window. Not a bad life.

I got this through the email the other day. I met Dr Brodie last year, and he seems like a nice chap.

DOMINICAN BIBLICAL INSTITUTE , LIMERICK, IRELAND in association with Mary Immaculate College, UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK, seeks applicants for two scholarships to be awarded to suitably qualified candidates, beginning Sept 2010. The first is for a PhD on: The Transformation of Scripture in 1 Corinthians. The amount of the scholarship is €15,000 per year plus fee waiver, for three years of full-time study. The second is for a one-year Post-doctoral fellowship on: Gospel Origins:
The Case for Proto-Luke (rather than Q). This scholarship is oriented to publication and provides €25,000 for one year of full-time study.
For further information, contact Thomas Brodie, email:
thomasbrodie@eircom.net, tel. 353 (0)61 – 490 605.

A friend of mine from Durham, Frederik Mulder, has recently started a new blog: Resurrection Hope. His expertise, as you can tell from the title, is all things resurrection. The interesting aspect of his work is the intersection between Paul and his later interpreters (mostly second century so far). You’ll obviously see the connection between our interests. I’m sure we will enjoy reading his blog as his studies progress even further.