It was over two years in the making, mostly from 2-3 hours of work one night a week, but my first article has finally been released.  I first gave a preliminary version, though very different from this final form, at the British New Testament Conference.  If you’ve read this blog long, you’ve heard about my work on glory in Romans.  Well, my article, ‘Immortal Glory and the Problem of Death in Romans 3.23’ is there for the whole world to read now in the March 2010 (vol 32.3) edition of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament (JSNT).

As an added benefit I shared the same volume with two important people.  The first is my good friend John Goodrich, a fellow Durham student.  He has an excellent article on Gal 4.1-2, where among other things he draws upon his knowledge of the oikonomos metaphor in Paul’s letters.  The second is John Riches.  He served as my external examiner, and it didn’t hurt when he automatically knew I had a peer-reviewed publication since publishability (sp?)  is one criterion for passing a viva.