Now that I’m done with my PhD studies, I thought I’d do the requisite look back in order to share my thoughts on what worked well and what I might have done differently.

Pre-PhD stuff

  • I did a post on what I wish I had done to prep, and I still agree with myself.  Essentially, get your languages under control, especially German, sooner than later, and do plenty of primary text background reading (see here for recommendations).  I got to do background reading as part of my work for Wright and the general knowledge is invaluable.
  • About a year into my work here I read The Craft of Research on the flight back from SBL.  I found it quite helpful to get a bigger picture view on research and, especially, on making and supporting arguments.  I’m sure it would hurt to read something like that before you start.  Also, a very helpful introduction, especially to the UK PhD, is How to Get a PhD, Phillips and Pugh.