It’s being announced today that NT Wright is moving to St Andrews University to become a research professor of New Testament.  He’s retiring as Bishop at the end of August, and there is a diocese news story here: Bishop of Durham to Leave Diocese.  I think a major fact that influenced his decision is the desire to have more time to write and research.  I know he quite enjoyed his time at CTI at Princeton, and he has struggled to find time to continue his big Paul book (provisionally titled Paul and the Faithfulness of God) since returning.  It’s targeted publication date is SBL 2011.  While a loss for Durham, this will be a great addition to an already strong program at St Andrews.  (See the University of St Andrews announcement here.)

I’m happy for +Tom, but this does mean that I’ll be looking for new employment.  (For those of you from low church backgrounds like me, the + is shorthand for Bishop and ++ is for Archbishop.)  My contract officially ran out August 31 anyway.  Also, a few weeks back I got word that I didn’t get that postdoc to translate Cyril’s Pauline commentaries.  I wasn’t surprised, they had 900+ applicants for about 45 positions.  We’re hoping to remain in Durham for another couple of years while Heather completes her 3 year commitment at our church as the children’s and youth outreach worker.  We’ll see what happens.  And if nothing in the academic world turns up, I’ve always got that accounting degree and 7 years of office experience that can help us pay the bills until I figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.  Now that I’m 35, I suppose I should do that at some point.  Maybe I’ll apply for the open bishop job. : )

Anyhow, I’m delighted to hear that +Tom will be able to write more and that other post-grads will get the opportunity to study with him.