October 2010

As an interesting item that I came across . . .

Irenaeus possibly gives evidence that he thought that 2 Timothy was written during (one of ?) Paul’s Roman imprisonment(s).  He notes that the first bishop of Rome after the apostles was Linus: ‘Paul mentions this Linus in the letters to Timothy’ (AH 3.3.3).

Linus, along with Prudens, Claudia, and all the brothers and sisters serve as those who greet Timothy (2 Tim 4.21).

It would appear that Irenaeus thinks this is a subsequent imprisonment to the one recorded in Acts 28.  [Update: I’ll pick up the reasoning for this in a second post.]


The seminar meets in Seminar Room B, Abbey House, 4.15-5.45 pm each Monday.  I hope to return to my old habit of giving a brief summary of these.

11 October, Prof John Barclay: “Galatians and the Gift” (1)

18 October, Prof John Barclay: “Galatians and the Gift” (2)

25 October, Dr Shane Berg: “Knowing and Obeying the Law in Ben Sira”

1 November , Dr Max Lee (North Park Theological Seminary): “Ancient Ethical Theory and Paul: What Plutarch, Alcinous, and Galen Have to Say about the Apostle’s Moral Landscape”

8 November, Dr James Carleton-Paget (Cambridge): “Schweitzer and Harnack: the history of an unlikely alliance”

15 November, Dr Lionel North: “Introduction to the Diatessaron”

22 November, NO SEMINAR

29 November, Dr Lutz Doering: “Paul and Ancient Jewish Letter Writing”

6 December , Prof. Keith Elliott (Leeds): “Recent Developments in New Testament Textual Criticism”

13 December, Prof Judith Lieu (Cambridge): “Heresy and Scripture”