The seminar meets in Seminar Room B, Abbey House, 4.15-5.45 pm each Monday.  I hope to return to my old habit of giving a brief summary of these.

11 October, Prof John Barclay: “Galatians and the Gift” (1)

18 October, Prof John Barclay: “Galatians and the Gift” (2)

25 October, Dr Shane Berg: “Knowing and Obeying the Law in Ben Sira”

1 November , Dr Max Lee (North Park Theological Seminary): “Ancient Ethical Theory and Paul: What Plutarch, Alcinous, and Galen Have to Say about the Apostle’s Moral Landscape”

8 November, Dr James Carleton-Paget (Cambridge): “Schweitzer and Harnack: the history of an unlikely alliance”

15 November, Dr Lionel North: “Introduction to the Diatessaron”

22 November, NO SEMINAR

29 November, Dr Lutz Doering: “Paul and Ancient Jewish Letter Writing”

6 December , Prof. Keith Elliott (Leeds): “Recent Developments in New Testament Textual Criticism”

13 December, Prof Judith Lieu (Cambridge): “Heresy and Scripture”