Durham New Testament Seminar: Easter Term 2011

2 May, Dr Stephen Chester (North Park Theological Seminary), ‘Righteousness and Reciprocity: Justification by Faith and Participation in Christ in John Calvin’s Pauline Exegesis’

9 May, Prof John Moles (University of Newcastle), “The Lukan Preface”

16 May, Dr Cecilia Wassén (University of Upsala), “Did Jesus Challenge the Purity Laws? A Close Reading of Mark 5:21-43”

23 May, Dr Annette Merz (University of Utrecht), “Looking at the Letter of
Mara bar Sarapion in the Context of Ancient Epistolary Theory and Practice”

30 May, Prof Dr Jens Herzer (University of Leipzig), “The Narrative Characteristics of the Pastoral Epistles in the Light of Ancient Epistolography”