Hi everyone.  Sorry for a slow flow of posts.  Between preparing new syllabi, ISBL papers to write,  preparations for moving, and life, I’ve had a only a few moments to squeeze in watching the Tour de France.

For those of you in Durham or heading towards Durham or the UK, we’ve got a few last minute things to unload that we could have some help with.  I hope that if you’ve found this blog helpful that you’d be willing to return the favour by considering these.  I’ll shoot to get pics uploaded to FB for these tomorrow.  Just comment if you are interested or email me at b.c.blackwell [ at ] durham.ac.uk.
Nokia E61

  1. Mobile Contract + Phone (£30/month).  I’ve got 6 months left of a TMobile contract at £35/month that I would like to transfer to someone (which is allowed by TMobile).  I’d be willing to pass it along with a £30 subsidy, which would make it £30/month for you.  After 6 months you’d have a phone and could get a good sim-only plan.  Here are the details:  1200 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited internet, + (free) booster (currently 150 free minutes to US/Canada). It comes with a Nokia E61, which is similar to a Blackberry.
  2. (Unisex) Mountain Bike (£40) – fits 10-16 yr old
  3. Dell Desktop Computer + 15″ Flat-screen Monitor (£50).  Specs: WinXP; Processor: Pentium 4, 2.66 GHz; RAM: 2GB; HD: 75GB; CD-RW; Office 2007; Wifi USB
  4. Computer Desk (beech) (£10). With pullout tray.  80 cm x 60 cm.
  5. 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet (beech) (£15) + file holders
  6. Washer/Dryer Combo (£15)
  7. Outdoor garden table + 4 chairs (£10)
  8. Dehumidifier (£25).  Mould in your windows over the winter?  A dehumidifier is great for clearing that up.
  9. 1.5m x 2m Navy Rug (£10)
  10. Key Safe (£5).  Great for keeping your passports, marriage certificates, etc. safe from fire.
  11. DSL Wifi Router (£5)
  12. TV stand (Free)
  13. Single Bed Mattress (Free)

We’re moving from our house this weekend, so if we could transfer any of these by then that would be great, but we’ll be here in Durham until 31 July.