August 2011

Now that I am transitioning personally and professionally–I’m now teaching at Houston Baptist University if you didn’t know–it gave me an opportunity to reconsider what to do with the blog.  It’s blindingly obvious that once I finished my studies I’ve had trouble maintaining momentum with it.  I think it’s been helpful to others, so I didn’t want to cancel it.  As a result, in keeping with its name Dunelm Road, I’ve enlisted a few friends from my time in Durham (Dunelm is Durham in Latin) to join on as full contributors.  As such it will represent some of the Durham Diaspora.  Here’s the new crowd: John Goodrich (teaching at Moody in Chicago), Ed Kaneen (in the midst of PhD studies at Durham), and Jason Maston (teaching at Highland Theological College in Dingwall).  Welcome, mates.  I expect between us we’ll be able to string together something more interesting than what has been posted of late.


I moved with my family to Houston a couple of days ago to begin the next stage in our life journey.  It is warm here, but not as bad as I was expecting–though my wife says I’ve just adjusted better because of all my years in Dallas/Arkansas (she’s from Michigan).  There are a few bits of reverse culture shock–the size of things and the lack of recycling–but as with most things you just get on with it and settle right in.  My parents, by moving in the furniture and cleaning the carpets before we arrived, were very helpful and made the transition much easier.  We didn’t realize that the house used gas so I didn’t set that up before arriving, hence we have no hot water.  But one benefit of 100 degree weather is that the water comes out lukewarm on its own. : )  There are a few more small things to get settled, but we’re almost there.