For those who like cheap books, (CBD) has a decent academic bargain books page. Now and then I browse through it to see what I could buy if I actually had money to spend. Just this evening I noticed that CBD is now selling quite a few volumes from the Old Testament Library (OTL) and New Testament Library (NTL) series for at least 70% off, even some new commentaries published within the last couple of years (unfortunately, Martin de Boer on Galatians is not quite that discounted!). Many are currently in stock, though some will only become available to ship in mid October, so be aware of that. In my opinion, the volumes in this series are generally good, though rarely great. There are also a handful of classic monographs (re-)published in this series, and those are normally well worth their current CBD price. For instance, in my thesis I interacted a lot with John Schütz’s Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority (originally published in 1975 in SNTSMS, but now available in NTL), which is an excellent study on Paul’s authority concept that has yet to be surpassed. Anyway, if you have some extra book money lying around, do visit the site.