Today was a long but great day having N. T. Wright at Moody Bible Institute. His talks were vintage Wright: very engaging and always with the big picture in view. I don’t think he said anything brand new. His talk on How God Become King seemed, as expected, to be a popularization of his IBR talk last year on the kingdom and the cross, while his talk on Simply Jesus was a summary of the book and a popularization of his Jesus and the Victory of God. As I said before, I will try to obtain the audio recordings of both and upload them soon. 

Since Moody is dispensational, the auditor won’t be surprised to find that several questions were asked about how Wright’s Christology and end of exile motif inform his eschatology, especially concerning the millennium. Wright, of course, respectfully dismissed the possibility of a literal, future millennial reign of Christ (can Wright be labeled amillennial? I think so, but a colleague of mine didn’t think so). So, no surprises there. But did you know that Wright’s father-in-law was dispensational, and his mother-in-law (I think that is who he mentioned) applied to Moody (though never enrolled)? Very interesting.