I’m doing an MA class on Paul this semester and wanted to draw on the wisdom of the blogging community for a reading assignment.  The majority of my assigned reading is through articles that represent key methodologies.  One methodological reading area that I have yet to nail down is that of intertexuality.  The gap I’ve got to fill is for a session on Romans, which should fit just fine.  What I’m looking for are recommendations on an article/chapter to assign.

There are always sections of Hays’ Echoes or Watson’s Hermeneutics of Faith, though I’m interested in something a little more focused.  However, I’m willing to be challenged if you have a particular passage from one of those two in mind.  Something I’m thinking particularly about is Rom 1.17 and Hab 2.4.  Hays has an article that is an option: “”The Righteous One’ as Eschatological Deliverer” which is an option.  Watts has another in the Wright edited volume.  Do y’all have any favorites?