In 7th grade I had a teacher who tried to make me learn the name of every country, river, mountain range, capital, major city, minor city, etc. We learned the modern world as well as changes throughout history. I did okay with the countries and USA stuff, but never got the rest and I have struggled with geography ever since. Yet, some awareness of where cities and towns were and how far one would have to travel between places is important to understanding the Bible and the ancient world. I’m grateful then for Carl Rasmussen’s Zondervan Atlas of the Bible (and Josh at Zondervan who sent me a copy).

The book is filled with high quality photos, maps and timelines. Rasmussen has provided notes about the places and people, a historical narrative of sorts. With the narrative, the book becomes much more than a book of maps.

I know this volume will be useful for me, and it could work well as a supplementary textbook to an Old Testament or New Testament Intro class.