For those wanting to learn a little theological German, I’ve pulled together several German lists and created a master list of 4,334 words that you can put in a flash card program.  The words are in these columns: German, English, Difficulty, Chapter, Other, Part of Speech.  The words are listed roughly in this order:

  1. Chapters 1-17 (I think): Manton’s Theological German textbook, in order of chapter appearance and then all the rest from the dictionary in the back, with a few others mixed in.
  2. Chapters 18-57 (or so): A list from a Goethe book that has around 2000 of the most frequent words in academic journals (not just humanities). 
  3. Chapters 58-64: Additional words that I’ve accumulated from reading theological works.
  4. Chapters 65-75: Words from a generic list of modern conversational German.

Files to Download*:
German-English Vocabulary (txt) (comma delimited text file)
German-English Vocabulary (xls) (excel)
*Wordpress won’t let me upload .txt and .xls files, so I’ve added a .doc extension to each. When you go to save them, just take off the .doc ending and put back in the .txt or .xls extension.

For German-English definition help, LEO is the best online site.
Also, here’s a free German training course online. It’s a little dated, but I did a similar one for French many moons ago and found it helpful: FSI German