Welcome to Dunelm Road, a community blog hosted by a handful of guys who have spent time studying at University of Durham.  Here’s a little more about us:

Ben Blackwell (Assistant Professor, Houston Baptist University)

John Goodrich (Assistant Professor, Moody Bible Institute)

Ed Kaneen (PhD Student, Durham University)

Jason Maston (Assistant Professor, Houston Baptist University)


One Response to “About Dunelm”

  1. Michael Mawson Says:

    For general interest:

    We are pleased to announce a new one-year Master’s in Theological Ethics degree at the University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen’s department of Divinity is currently one of the top-ranked theology programs in the UK, and recent appointments in the areas of Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics have further strengthened the department. The Theological Ethics area emphasizes fundamental texts and thinkers in the Christian tradition for engaging contemporary issues and debates. For more information: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/divinity/pgrad/MThTheologicalEthics.shtml

    If you have questions or are interested in applying to the MTh program feel free to contact Professor Bernd Wannenwetsch, Dr Brian Brock or Dr Michael Mawson. We will be happy to meet with prospective students at the American Academy of Religion meeting (in Chicago in November 2012) or the Society of Christian Ethics meeting (in Chicago in January 2013).

    In addition, we would be happy to discuss funding options for prospective Master’s and doctoral students. Among other things, there will be doctoral funding in the two following two interdisciplinary collaborations: ‘Normativity – Nature, Narrative and Nihilism’ and ‘Transitional Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.’ We would be interested in supporting Welcome Trust applications for students hoping to work in the area of bioethics. Finally, we are willing to support external funding applications for especially strong proposals. For additional information on funding: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/divinity/pgrad/awards.shtml

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